About our work

Our independent consultancy offers you technological and art historical research and professional planning for the conservation of historical monuments. We investigate your art objects, estimate the necessary conservation work and scope for your object and draw up a conservation concept.


Most important: we do not engage in craftsmanship or conservation work ourselves! With the concept developed by us, you – or we will be happy to commission suitable conservators or craftsmen.


Advantage for you: Since we are not financially involved in the conservation work, there are no conflicts of interest and we can advise you independently and confidentially at any time during the course of the project. And if you wish, we can also supervise your project during the restoration work and supervise the execution.


With currently four specialized employees we are working on the following main topics:

We support you as owners of monuments of art or art collections in the care, evaluation and preservation of your art objects.


We are proud to support our clients as a team. Thus, our reports always pass through an editorial board meeting, our practice thus offers an effective internal quality management - several scholars lead to comprehensive, reflected and critically reviewed results.


And in the unlikely event of a project manager's failure, our projects continue to run at all times. Learn more about the team around Dr. Ivo Rauch here. Do you have questions about our work? Or about your object? We would be pleased if you contact us!