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If you are interested in this field and would like to discover more? Here you will find an overview of key texts on the subject of "Conservation of historical stained glass" up to the most renowned training centres for stained glass.

Key texts

Guidelines for the restoration and conservation of stained glass:

Richtlinien Restaurierung (deutsch)

Conservation Guidelines (english)

Directives Conservation (francais)

Richtlijnen Conservatie (dutch)


Ivo Rauch: The Conservation and Restoration of Historical Stained and Painted Glass: An Introduction to the Problems

Dr. Ivo Rauch: Die Denkmalpflege
Deutscher Kunstverlag (2004)
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Dr. Ivo Rauch: Bulletin de la Cathédrale Strasbourg
Conservation et Restauration des Verrières Anciennes
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Dr. Ivo Rauch: The Art of Collaboration Stained-Glass Conservation in the Twenty-First Century
Rauch_2009_Handle with care_small.pdf
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Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi


ICOMOS / CVMA International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass:

Training centres for glass restoration


Vidimus (Online Journal for medieval stained glass)


German Stained Glass Museum Linnich


Swiss Museum of Stained Glass and Glass Art / Musée Suisse de vitrail et des arts du verre


Linnemann Archive (19th and 20th century)